joan wickersham

The invasion of the garden snatcher

I’m not going to win, but I’m not going to lose either

Up until a month or so ago, if you had told me that a plant could have a personality, much less an evil one, I would have disagreed with you. That was before I tangled with bishop’s weed. In small doses, bishop’s weed is actually quite lovely, with delicate serrated leaves and white frothy flowers that resemble Queen Anne’s lace.

The problem is that there is almost no such thing as a small dose of bishop’s weed. It spreads like crazy. We’ve always managed to stay ahead of it in our garden with semi-regular weeding. But last summer we had work done on the house; the backyard was full of boards and machinery and the beds were an inaccessible mess. All it took was one season for the bishop’s weed to gain not only a foothold but a stranglehold.

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