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    Robert Q. Crane | Farewell, Locke-Ober

    A staple for celebrities and Beacon Hill

    I was on Beacon Hill for 34 years, and spent 30 of them going to Locke-Ober. I was there one night having dinner and someone told me that the actor Tony Curtis was in the next room having dinner with his wife.

    I went into the room and spoke with him for awhile. I remarked that it must have been fun making all those movies, especially “Some Like It Hot,’’ and I asked how it was to work with Joe E. Brown. He laughed, and said, “No one asks about Joe E. Brown. Everyone asks about Marilyn Monroe!”

    I always got Governor King to go to Locke-Ober, but not Mike Dukakis. Too expensive, he said. But it’s close to the State House, I countered. “But it’s not close to my pocket!’’


    Everything Locke-Ober served was first class. And the service was as good as the food.

    Robert Q. Crane was treasurer of Massachusetts and founding chairman of the Massachusetts State Lottery.