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Feminist buzzword Bingo

Because your annoyance needs an outlet

Feminism is well into its fourth wave now. And while changing currents come with changing attitudes and ideas, many of the old tropes stay the same — they just have better branding and can be pushed out in 140 characters. Are you thriving or leaning? Do you use milk or formula? Is the hardest job in the world CEO or MOM? And the biggest question: Can you have it all?

Our heads are spinning from the pressure. So we collected all the buzzwords in a handy, tongue-in-cheek guide for our fellow frustrated feminists. The next time you pick up a magazine or click a link about the feminist dilemma, count the catchphrases and work out your anger on our Bingo board.


Enjoy, share, and send us your ideas for more boards in the comments below, @GlobeOpinion, or on Facebook.


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