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“This belongs in a newspaper?”

“Typical lefty Boston Glob attempt to assert that climate change is real.”

“What do you expect, with Oblunder in the White House.”

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(This comment has been blocked)

“FoundingFather and Howitzer: Once again you are making your usual disparaging remarks about immigrants. This story has nothing to do with immigrants. Maybe you can’t read?”

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“Make money in your spare time at home by not working. www.xyxyxxx.cpm”

“Why do we pay taxes, anyway? . . . All government employees are lazy or on the take, and they all go home at 3 pm in their BMWs and Porsches.”


“Your columns are always stupid, but this one takes the cake. Who ever told you you culd write?”

“You think this is bad, wait till Kill-ary is president.”

“Did you right-wingnuts read the same column I did? This column is the same old middle-of-the-road pablum that keeps big business entrenched. Have you looked at the statistics from other countries? This is why I am thinking of moving to Canada.”

“You and Canada deserve each other.”

“Hey, what’s with the Canada-bashing? I like Canada. My husband and I go there every summer for the Stratford Festival.”

“They put maple syrup on French fries. End of discussion.”

“They do not. It’s cheese. It’s called a Poutine.”

“The Russians are trying to take over everything, as usual.”

“We need to feed cheese to cows. That would take care of climate change.”

“You can trace all this back to Dubya, and all the time he spent on his ranch while Cheney was in Washington pulling the strings.”

“Have you read the First Amendment, people?”

“Um, excuse me, but I think you mean the Fifth.”

“The First Amendment? Don’t you mean the Tenth?”

“Maybe if O-blame-a spent more time governing and less time trying to get his Hahvahd cronies appointed to the Supreme Court, he might get something done.”


“This is what happens when you elect a community organizer.”

“Correction – I said the Tenth, but I meant the Ninth.”

“Nefertiti75: Where do you stay when you go to Stratford?”

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“This is a further example of a society that has lost its moral bearings. I still say marriage should be between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreating.”

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(This comment has been blocked)

“People, people, calm down. It’s only a meat loaf recipe.”

Joan Wickersham’s column appears regularly in the Globe. Her latest book is “The News From Spain: Seven Variations on a Love Story.’’