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Deconstructing Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker was sworn in as the 72nd governor of Massachusetts in the House Chamber on Thursday. Pat Greenhouse/Globe staff/Globe Staff

An inaugural speech can set a tone, establish a vision, introduce priorities, highlight policies. It can telegraph a governor’s approach to the job and his role within his party and the nation. So what did we learn from Charlie Baker’s big address? Globe Opinion writers weigh in on this first glimpse of the new administration.

Joan Vennochi: “After eight years of poetry from now-former governor Deval Patrick, prose is fine, as long as it is coupled with efficient delivery of services. But even prose has to add up.” Read more.

Jeff Jacoby: “The Commonwealth’s new chief executive may never be a great speaker. If he proves to be a great governor, that will be inspiration enough.” Read more.


Joanna Weiss: “If Baker can make good with gentle bipartisan rhetoric and the policies to match, maybe other Republican leaders will take heed.” Read more.

Derrick Jackson: “He campaigned seriously in communities of color. Now can he govern as seriously, so those communities are heard, not just sporadically, but throughout his tenure?” Read more.

Editorial cartoon by Dan Wasserman