You react: The Tsarnaev trial

How have the details from the testimony affected your feelings about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

From the Globe Opinion forum, “You react: The Tsarnaev trial,” here are some of the best responses to the question: How have the details from the testimony affected your feelings about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev?

“I’m more disgusted than I was before. The testimony of the victims has been heart wrenching. No opinion on punishment. He deserves to die but I’m ok with life in a super max prison.” — Jeff Smith

“Until I read that he placed that bomb behind those children I was on the fence re death penalty but no longer. Death is what he deserves.” — MaggieD


“I have less empathy that I did before. He drove over his own brother!!!! But no matter how you slice it, it’s a horrible tragedy for everyone, including him. No one wins here. I don’t believe in the death penalty . . . but certainly he is responsible for his actions.” — anonymous

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“I feel compassion for him in spite of his actions. I hope that he could realize how evil these Jihadist recruiters are and help influence other people who may be going down the wrong path. Maybe he could do this from prison and he could do something good. I think he is basically a good person.” — anonymous

“He was and is a kid, with dopey friends and loyalty to domineering, hateful brother. But he had gun/murder weapon, planted bomb and joined shootout w cops. The trial has made him more human, more dupllicitous, and more guilty.” — Dan Payne

“He certainly deserves life imprisonment which would have negated this very painful trial. A member of a family that received constant state and federal aid, his thanks was to kill and maim many innocent people at Boston’s signature event. I don’t see what this trial gains except a rehash of the pain.” — Paul s arnold

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