You react: The Tsarnaev trial

What do you think Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers will do to make him appear sympathetic?

From the Globe Opinion forum, “You react: The Tsarnaev trial,” here are some of the best responses to the question: “What do you think Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers will do to make him appear sympathetic?”

“There is nothing in this world that could make this heartless miscreant seem sympathetic.” — Gary Lindemann

“Dig up anything (abuse, trauma) from younger Tsarnaev brother’s life that makes him look damaged, weak, or messed up and anything from Tamerlan’s life that makes him look threatening and domineering.” — David


“Not much. Sometimes when federal defenders have to defend a guilty party they make rather preposterous statements that are obviously lies because they are doing their jobs and words are expected to come out of their mouths. My brother was a federal defender; they had to defend even the filthiest.” — Elizabeth

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“His age. May bring in neuroscientist/psychiatrist to testify re: adolescent brain not fully developed until 25, with high impulsivity. Also major mental illnesses can begin at this time and they’ll likely show deleterious effects of divorce, abandonment by parents, leaving him w/ dangerous brother.” — Massland

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