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    You react: The Tsarnaev trial

    What do you think of the jury’s deliberations?

    From the Globe Opinion forum, “You react: The Tsarnaev trial,” here are some of the best responses to the question: “What do you think of the jury’s deliberations?”

    “The jury should be thanked for the seriousness with which they are taking this trial. The next phase will be even harder to bear. If this isn’t a case that deserves the death penalty, there are none that do. But I will respect what the jury decides.” — EMM

    “The jury’s decision was expected — and congrats to them for doing it so thoroughly. But now comes the hard part — the penalty. Although, I oppose the death penalty I think we need to set an example to all terrorists — and put Tsarnaev to death.” — Jay


    “This is very hard for me to say. I think that he should be spared, due to the fact that he should have to live life in a maximum security federal prison. The other side of me wonders if such a monster deserves to live on the face of the Earth. I hope that the families will feel safer after a verdict.” — Nick

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    “Let Tsarnaev live the rest of his days in prison facing what he has done. Someday, he will realize the pain he caused and will feel it [thousand]fold. There is always the possibility of him becoming an empathetic person and doing something good — even in prison.” — Jeanne Marklin

    “We must trust in the ultimate goodness of the human spirit. No matter how heinous the crime, the death penalty would accomplish nothing except martyrdom for the the perpetrator. A life sentence would be more painful than death and allow for repentance the best vindication possible for all.” — Edith V. Sweeney

    “The jury did an impressive and fair job examining all the evidence. They took longer than expected. As Harvey Silvergate wrote, now comes the hard part for them. They will see a more aggressive defense case. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes making this decision. I don’t know how I’d vote.” — Michael Maynard

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