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Five views on the Iran deal

An IAEA technician inspected a uranium conversion plant in central Iran in 2007.EPA/file 2007

Lawrence Wilkerson and Kate Gould, USA Today

The Iran deal reached in Vienna is a historic victory. Exquisite diplomacy has delivered Washington and Tehran from years of teetering on the brink of war to one of the greatest diplomatic achievements of the nuclear age.

Jay Sekulow, Fox News

The worst case scenario has happened. The Obama administration has signed a deal with Iran — a deal that failed to secure the freedom of American Pastor Saeed Abedini and other Americans who remain imprisoned in Iran. It is unconscionable that the United States would ink a deal and leave Americans behind. But that's exactly what has occurred.

Dina Esfandiary, Al Jazeera

A nuclear agreement will ensure that a barrier to engagement of Iran is removed. Dialogue with a more responsible Tehran will become the norm rather than the exception. This can only be positive for the Middle East.


Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post

With every concession, Obama and Kerry made clear they were desperate for a deal. And they will get it. Obama will get his "legacy." Kerry will get his Nobel. And Iran will get the bomb.

Hussein Ibish, The National

The delicate balance in Vienna has produced a series of reciprocal but unequal concessions. It seems that Iran has been able to gain an upper hand by exchanging tactical, immediate concessions on its part for strategic, long-range concessions on the American side.