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Opinion | Steve Brodner

An (illustrated) field guide to Super Tuesday

The 2016 primary contest is shaping up to be one of the strangest — and most ruthless — in modern American history. With five Republicans and two Democrats left in the race for the White House, the results from Super Tuesday will start to solidify the delegate math. Will Donald Trump knock out his two main rivals — Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz? Can Bernie Sanders survive the wave of momentum that carried Hillary Clinton to a decisive win in South Carolina? We took an illustrated look at some of the major themes running through this race.

The Rubio Campaign Headquarters move to a new location: under Donald Trump’s skin.Steve Brodner
At a rally in a Southern Black Church Sanders is besieged by autograph seekers.Steve Brodner
Trump announces a policy of mass deportation of Cuban men in their forties. Steve Brodner
Ted Cruz delays a disappointing Alabama result by filibustering the TV coverage.Steve Brodner
In Georgetown, Hillary attracts young people in surprising numbers.Steve Brodner

Steve Brodner is an illustrator from New York.