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Opinion | Marcela García

Cinco de Mayo Redux: It’s still not OK to reduce Mexican culture to tired stereotypes

A Chihuahua wore a Mexican-themed costume with a mock guitar after a Chihuahua race at a Cinco de Mayo Festival in Chandler, Arizona. Samantha Sais/Reuters/File 2014

Brace yourselves – not for the record amounts of tequila and tacos that will be consumed today, but for the embarrassing lengths to which corporate America will go today to “celebrate” a “Mexican holiday” that is anything but. Michael Calienes, a Boston-based ad executive, came up with a clever hashtag a couple of years ago to document the blatant stereotyping going on in social media. #CincoDeFallo – a word play on “Cinco de Fail” – exposes companies’ ignorance and shows just how easy it is to offend an entire culture.

Below, a sample. Enjoy responsibly.

(And in case you’re still wondering what Cinco de Mayo really is, here’s my 2006 take on it.)


Marcela García is a Globe editorial writer. Follow her on Twitter: @marcela_elisa.