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Go on Fox News, Senator Warren

Photo illustration by Lesley Becker/Globe Staff; Adobe; Globe file photo


Senator Warren, got a minute?

Don’t be a chicken when it comes to Fox.

Yes, I know, the Trump News Network is the bête noire of the left, and for good reason. During extended hours of the day, Fox News is bigoted, biased, witless, and conspiratorial, a Brugelian parade of TV horribles. Which is to say, a dumb and dispiriting Death Valley through which thinking people pass as quickly as a modern TV remote allows.

So no doubt your supporters cheered when you, in no uncertain terms, said no to Fox’s invitation to participate in a TV town hall.


Bad call. You’d be smarter to engage. Why? Because a Fox News town hall could be your proving, or rather, improving, ground, an important step on the path to political recovery. After all, you aren’t the hot political property you were in the 2016 cycle, when people were beseeching you to run. You certainly aren’t the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. That’s Joe Biden. Nor are you the principal challenger. For the moment, that’s Bernie Sanders.

You don’t even occupy the pole position in the left lane. Bernie does — even though he’s faded some since 2016. But then, so have you. Unfair though it may be, the controversy over your claim of Native American ancestry has taken a toll. In a campaign when Democrats are putting a premium on electability, they worry that you can’t win.

Which is where Fox News comes in. Think of the cable network as a sparring partner, one that gives you a chance to demonstrate that you can go toe to toe with the toughest stuff conservatives can offer. It’s also a chance to pitch your policies to an audience that seldom has a serious, nonpolemical engagement with liberal ideas. At least not on their favored station.


Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should do a town hall with any of the conspiratorialist kooks, race-baiters, or rabble-rousers who populate prime-time Fox, though I suspect you would cut through any of them like a hot knife through butter.

But despite its plenitude of pinheads, Fox’s hosts aren’t all partisan pugilistic provocateurs. It has some serious journalists. Like, say, Chris Wallace. And Bret Baier. And Shep Smith. And Neil Cavuto. And Chris Wallace . . . Ahem. Okay, so the list isn’t a long one. Still, there are some fair-minded folks with a solid grasp of reality on Fox.

So tell Fox you’ll be glad to do a town hall with any of those four. Then go on and show them what you’re all about. It will make you look tough and confident, a candidate ready to take on all questions and all comers.

And you might even win some converts. When Sanders did his Fox town hall, he got some cheers and applause that seemed to surprise the hosts. And if he can do that with his dusty set of ideas, think what you can do.

Don’t expect miracles, mind you. A Fox News town hall will be watched by the Fox News audience, which, to put it politely, isn’t the best informed or most factually grounded crowd in the world.


Still, if you establish yourself as a candidate who can go the distance in a hostile environment, you could make real progress on your most serious problem: the notion that, for all your smarts, you’re not the best bet in the fight to beat Trump.

So do it, senator. Rethink your thumbed nose. Accept their invitation.

Take your fight to their conservative cablewaves – and out-Fox them.

Scot Lehigh can be reached at lehigh@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @GlobeScotLehigh.