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Could 2024 be the year for an independent presidential candidate?

Against the ingrained nature of the two-party system, independents are seldom serious contenders.


What you don’t know about Latinos in Massachusetts

Until now, there hasn’t been a concerted effort to better understand the perspectives of Latinos in Massachusetts. The lack of public opinion data is one reason why Latinos have flown under the radar of policy makers and elected officials.


Germany steps up for embattled Ukraine

Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of democratic Ukraine has shocked Berlin out of its post-World War II pacifism.

Barbra G. Rabson and Katherine Gergen Barnett

Massachusetts can finally measure the health of primary care

Few people are paying attention to how ill primary care has become and how we may be spiraling toward the grim portrayal of a health care system lacking high-quality primary care.

Joan Vennochi

Will taking kids out of buses guarantee a good school for every Boston student?

While I would never want to get into a debate with a team of MIT researchers on the merits of their findings, it’s fair to question whether they will now be used to justify the end of busing as a way to save money.

Kimberly Atkins Stohr

When it comes to Twitter, Supreme Court is tying itself into knots

The court buys time on challenges to laws in Texas and Florida seeking to impose state-level control over Twitter’s content moderation practices. But the court can’t avoid this issue forever.

Jonathan Hecht and Dan Winslow

Open the State House — and legislators’ votes and committee proceedings

An ongoing struggle is getting the Massachusetts Legislature to operate in a fully democratic fashion.


Evangelicals finally grasp the obvious about Donald Trump

News flash: The former president may not be an exemplar of religious values.