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Katie Payne

Prescription prices should be addressed at BIO International Convention

Especially with big pharma raising prices on nearly 1,000 drugs in just the first month of 2023.


We need some new drugs

Shortages of medications like Adderall and children’s Tylenol highlight the risks that have been created by offshoring drug production.


Birthright citizenship is safe from Donald Trump’s whims

The principle that anyone born on US soil is a US citizen has been enshrined in the Constitution since 1868.


The rise in antisemitism should concern us all

This is not a problem only for Jews but for all Americans.


Why a 25-year-old lynching should still haunt America

White supremacists murdered James Byrd Jr. in Texas. The racist extremism they espoused is now this nation’s biggest terrorist threat.

Lauren Hunt

Legislature must regulate role of pharmacy benefit managers in our health care

No one is holding PBMs accountable.


Fear, loathing, and bike lanes in West Roxbury

Is the backlash against bike lanes really so strong that the neighborhood would prefer keeping Centre Street unsafe for everyone?

Bradley H. Jones Jr. and Ross Connolly

High taxes are driving people out of Massachusetts

Lawmakers need to shift gears on tax policy if they want to ensure that Massachusetts remains a place where residents can prosper and the economy remains competitive into the future.