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Why I won’t watch the Tyre Nichols video

In 2020, we were promised a reckoning. All we’ve gotten are more Black people killed by police.


A New York courtroom opens a window into the corruption behind the War on Drugs

Mexican leaders have been extremely reluctant to extradite suspects to the United States, but trials of cartel-linked figures show the value of cooperation.


To honor Tyre Nichols, let’s get policing right

Punishing misbehaving cops after the fact is no substitute for recruiting and training a non-warrior class.

Joan Vennochi

What makes David Sabatini think he deserves a second chance after his #MeToo downfall?

He still doesn’t get the impact on anyone’s life beyond his own. “My life was 100 percent destroyed,” he told the Globe.


Is a truce possible in Boston’s shadow wars?

Imperatives such as lab space, housing, and university consolidation conflict with parks advocates who fear that part of the revered Emerald Necklace will be thrown into the dark by tall buildings.

Peniel E. Joseph

Tyre Nichols and America’s systemic failure

Proposed reforms at the federal level would not have saved the life of Tyre Nichols. Only the fundamental transformation of systems of punishment that have been normalized in American society and culture can do that.

Eric M. Garcia

Will shock treatment finally be banned?

The fact that autistic students are still being shocked at the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is unconscionable.


Maura Healey wants to solve the state’s housing crisis. Here’s step one.

On Tuesday, 175 Massachusetts cities and towns must submit plans to tell the state how they’ll comply with a new housing law. The new governor needs to make sure they’re stepping up.