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Dallas Ducar

Massachusetts can continue to lead the way in providing gender-affirming health care

Access, even in Massachusetts, remains incredibly rare and this must change.

Philip J. Landrigan and David Bellinger

Air pollution is responsible for premature deaths in every Massachusetts city and town

We recently published a study in the journal Environmental Health estimating air pollution’s health effects in every Massachusetts city and town, information we have placed in a searchable database.

James E. Hansen

The eyes of climate change history are on Biden

The president has an opportunity to take the fundamental step on climate change that eluded all past leaders, and he can start by taxing carbon emissions.

Joan Vennochi

Don’t scrap the MBTA. Free it from Beacon Hill politics.

There’s nothing duller than talking about governance. But there’s also nothing more important when it comes to accountability.

Vincent Jones II and Laurie Essig

Bachelorette parties in P-town often destroy safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people

We call this process “hetrification.” Like gentrification, hetrification occurs when people feel privileged to take over the spaces of others.


The NFL has no credibility with women

Don’t listen to what the league says in defense of women — watch what it does.

Beth Howard

Keep your scorn. Kentucky needs your solidarity.

As the waters continued to rise, so did the vitriol coming our way on social media. Many people, many of whom claim to be progressive, are laying the blame for this situation at our feet — even suggesting that we deserve it.

Svante Myrick

To transform Boston policing, test for authoritarianism

Polygraph tests for applicants can weed out individuals whose psychological profiles mean they should never carry a badge and a gun.