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Joan Vennochi
Baker deserves credit for running an administration rooted in civility and bipartisan compromise. But neither Democrats nor voters, generally, held him accountable for a series of sometimes catastrophic bureaucratic failures.

Teflon Charlie Baker rides off into the sunset

He’s tall, white, and male. Does that explain how nothing sticks? Or is something else at work?

John Fernandez
Mass General Brigham offices in Somerville.

Critics of Mass General Brigham expansion plan ignore key facts

A bigger MGB means lower costs. So why is the state Health Policy Commission condemning the expansion plan?


Scaring cats, forgetting words and authors: A bout of ‘mild’ COVID-19 strikes Globe columnist

With Omicron, we’re starting to see a resigned sentiment that we’re probably all going to get it, and since it’s reportedly mild, maybe it’s OK to throw prudence to the wind, get it, and get it over with. I’d caution against that thinking.

Tiffany Chu: "Your entire job should not just be about the politics, but it should be around delivering government services that are simple, beautiful, and easy to use."

A key hire shows Wu really meant her campaign promises

Incoming chief of staff Tiffany Chu, a former transit tech executive, brings an extensive background in transit and fresh new ideas to the job.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida knows a primary rule of demagoguery — fuel irrational fears as a means of domination.

Ron DeSantis — white supremacy’s helicopter parent

Why stop at banning American history? Florida Governor Ron DeSantis now wants to outlaw white “discomfort” and “guilt.”

Senator Kyrsten Sinema declined to betray her principles.

There’s a phrase for senators like Kyrsten Sinema

JFK called them profiles in courage.

Joan Vennochi
Firefighters protest Boston Mayor Michelle Wu's vaccine mandate at Florian Hall on Jan. 21.

Labor’s power play against Wu’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Her COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers is worth the fight, even as it shows how hard it is to shake the power of unions.

Anne-Marie Slaughter and Heather Hurlburt
A counterprotester (right) argues with a Justice for J6 rally attendee near the Capitol in Washington on Sept. 18, 2021.

We can’t fix the world’s problems if we don’t fix our own

Americans need to recognize that the erosion of their democracy is as much a foreign policy matter as it is a domestic one.