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Columns are written by Globe Opinion staff columnists. Op-eds are written by outside contributors. Both represent the views of individual writers.

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Uri Dromi

A UN refugee agency has been perpetuating the problem of Palestinian refugees

The current crisis opens a golden opportunity to fix that aberration, at least in Gaza.


‘Napoleon’ isn’t accurate? Excuse me, mate, were you there?

Though, yes, there is a howler or two.

William Lefebvre and Victoria Wisniewski

Gen Z takes a seat — and sets the table — at COP28

The climate change challenge has largely fallen to us, caused by prior generations through a lack of environmental regulations and industrial expansion, leading to an exponential increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

Anita Soracco

Climate education should be taught in schools

And not just in science but woven across all subjects because climate change involves so much more than science.


Look who’s backing DiZoglio’s ballot campaign

The auditor has marshaled Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, Donald Trump fans and Bernie Sanders fans into a force for reform on Beacon Hill.

Renée Graham

With the lilt of a flute, a legendary rapper carves a path for Black men to grow and evolve

What some may see as André 3000’s abandonment of hip-hop is instead a personal and creative evolution.


Drawing a party line in the sand

When it comes to the war between Israel and Hamas, what is “moral clarity”? The answer is dividing Democrats, including two members of the Massachusetts delegation: Representatives Jake Auchincloss and Ayanna Pressley.


Why the JFK era still matters

Even with his flaws, there was something special about John F. Kennedy and his leadership.