With Wynn casino license award, gaming commission actions deserve scrutiny

Did the gaming commission violate state law in granting a casino license to Steve Wynn?


Allow young offenders a clean slate

The stigma of a criminal record — even for a nonviolent offense — can fester long into adulthood.


Overzealous US-Canada border security hurts both countries

Since 9/11, the 5,525-mile-long border has been transformed from the world’s friendliest to a high security zone.


Police departments don’t need military equipment

Imposing some order on the system is a reasonable way to reset the process.

National Grid sees only a limited role for LNG

“There’s a limited role for imported LNG to offset price spikes, but it’s no panacea.” — Marcy Reed


Old rule against Senate-written tax legislation is without purpose

When originally written in the late 1700s, the state constitution envisioned the House and Senate working much differently than they do today.


Mass. Senate’s budget brings relief for working poor into sight

The chamber and Senate President Stan Rosenberg deserve credit for taking up the governor’s challenge.


NOAA’s unfunded mandate hurts fishermen

If the agency truly cannot handle the cost of at-sea monitors, it should instead bolster dockside monitoring.


Public records law subverted by high fees

Bureaucrats are interpreting the law in the most prohibitive way possible.


Boston’s state senators should get behind MBTA reforms

The city’s delegation needs to speak up for their constituents as the Senate emerges as a key battleground.


Back off on Faneuil Hall street performer fees

The property’s management should recognize that asking unsalaried artists to pay to perform strikes many as a shakedown.


Boston’s tourism services need an Olympic upgrade

The city’s tourism industry has fallen behind in some respects, a victim of its own success.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentence delays the closure Boston deserves

Federal death sentences lead to endless legal appeals, which will afford Tsarnaev a platform for years to come.


Boston’s housing woes should spur Olympic effort on Fairmount Line

Since 1987, the 9.2-mile corridor has broken the hearts of a generation of urban planners.


Mitch McConnell’s lopsided leadership legacy

The Kentucky Republican’s period of delay and obstruction is the larger part of his record as a top Senate leader.


Long Island needs a new mission

Boston’s Olympic boosters talk up the bid as a chance to tackle the region’s challenges. Turning Long Island into a real asset fits the bill.


Technology shift should not block access to court records

The media and the public have been blocked from accessing basic information for many cases.


Judge Curran’s well-deserved award

Superior Court Judge Dennis J. Curran has worked to revamp the way juries are selected in Superior Court in Massachusetts.


Olympic bid could leave a legacy in Franklin Park

Even if Boston doesn’t get the Olympics, a planning process that incorporates the park’s needs will help guide the park into the 21st century.


Brian Joyce allegations expose weak disclosure laws

The state senator’s public duties and his private law practice seem to be suspiciously intertwined.


Tom Brady, Patriots send a poor message about sportsmanship

Setting the example of a win-at-any-cost attitude can have repercussions well beyond the football field.


David Cameron’s party should embrace EU after strong showing

Britian’s exit from the European Union would be a disaster.


Baltimore prosecutor tries to force broader change

The aggressive charges seem aimed at sending a broader message about how police have been doing their jobs.


Boston’s Olympic bid could lead to swimmable Mystic River

In its current state, the Mystic is not exactly the face that Greater Boston wants to showcase to the wider world.


Boston police mediation program with Harvard Law shows promise

With this initiative, the police department is showing that it is committed to more open, transparent relationships in the community.