Latest Headlines in Editorials


Time for a humane change at Brown

Brown University’s medical school should stop using animals in its emergency-medicine program.


Judicial independence comes with a cost

The Supreme Judicial Court made the right decision in reinstating suspended Judge Shelley Joseph’s pay.


This is no time for the US president to go wobbly on democracy

The president should be using every tool to urge China’s leader, Xi Jinping, to avoid bloodshed in Hong Kong.


Housing must remain part of Southie development

City planners shouldn’t let the small minds and squeaky wheels kill a major part of the Edison power plant redo.


Health and stable housing: Taking preventative medicine to the next level

Seeing the link between health and housing, the hospitals are partnering to spend $3 million to help poor families stay in their homes.


Lawmakers should keep pressing RMV records request

It shouldn’t be so difficult to get important information about who knew what and when about a dangerous dereliction of duty.


After Dayton and El Paso, sizing up the 2020 Democrats on guns

Democrats have always talked a good game on gun control. But have they delivered?


Pilot program could boost rail travel in Western Mass.

The state should get the word out about its plans to launch a pair of exciting pilot passenger rail programs.