Latest Headlines in Editorials


Housing crisis demands zoning fix

A new study outs those suburbs where restrictions make multi-family housing as rare as the proverbial unicorn.


In search of the science in the CBD fad

CBD — more formally known as cannabidiol — claims deserve careful scrutiny from the Food and Drug Administration, and some attention from state regulators, too.


R.I. bishop shows the days of exclusion aren’t gone yet

A priest’s welcome and impassioned plea to Rhode Island’s LGBTQ community came a day after the kind of condemnation that gay people have come to expect from church leaders.


High court sends out SOS on evidence

Bullets, baby carriages and DNA all require safe storage in a justice system that sometimes merits a legal do-over.


In immigration spat, Trump risks economic damage

President Trump’s threatened trade war with Mexico threatens the US economy in general and the Massachusetts economy in particular.


Real state budget battle about to begin

Tough new regs on prescription drug, excise taxes on vaping and opioids have to be part of the plan for fiscal 2020.


The only way to break the pattern of mass shootings

If we want fewer mass shootings, we need fewer guns, in the hands of fewer people.


Feds blind to State Police ‘conspiracy’

When lawmen break the law and a federal judge schools prosecutors on their responsibilities, this is no small scandal.