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Gisele: Those little-town blues

Gisele Bundchen was probably trying to be diplomatic when she heaped faint praise on Boston in a Brazilian magazine. But for a city that still considers itself the Hub, her jet-set condescension kind of stings. “Boston is a small town, but very clean and safe,’’ the supermodel declared. And of course, her husband Tom is here, and “the heart is the boss . . . I go where it is!’’

To which it must be said: a) Boston’s not always so clean, and b) Step out of your brownstone, Gisele! Beyond your happy home front, the city has plenty to offer. World-class art museums. Top-flight universities. A thriving theater district. There are even other sports teams that win championships (though not every year). New York, Los Angeles, and Rio have more people, it’s true. But Boston has plenty to offer, for anyone willing to explore - and since the Patriots play all winter, there’s time. In fact, plenty of international tourists and transplants have found Boston charming. And that’s not just a code word for “small.’’