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Colonel Sanders: A foodie at KFC?

An employee rummaging through company archives found a secret manuscript written by Colonel Harland Sanders, circa 1965. ASSOCIATED PRESS/Associated Press

Was Colonel Sanders a foodie? The chance discovery of a 200-page, hand-typed cookbook by the revered founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken features a far different style of food than what customers of the now-global behemoth would recognize from their menus. Though the manuscript hasn’t been released, it’s fair to assume there are no recipes for a Double Down, the chain’s latest calorie bomb. Instead, in his guide to “real old-time country and farm cooking,’’ news reports indicate, Harland Sanders shared tips for such home-cooked staples as omelets, pancakes, casseroles, and pies.

Like an ancient treasure unearthed by archeologists, the manuscript was discovered in company files by an employee of Yum! Brands Inc., the conglomerate that owns the chain now officially known just as KFC. The recipes, which the company plans to publish online soon, have been reinterred in a vault in Louisville with all the care befitting a holy relic. Of course, there’s a better way to pay tribute to Colonel Sanders: Maybe his reminder of the value of “farm cooking’’ will prod fast-food chains to bring a little more of Sanders’s wisdom into their menus.