‘Winter’ of 2012: March gladness

Winter is over in Boston, but then you knew that weeks ago. The lion must have had some other commitment; this March came in like a lamb - and then turned into a pink unicorn that conjures up fragrant flowers wherever it frolics. Even spring, which only started Tuesday, feels like it’s over: Thursday’s projected high is well into the 80s.

Longtime New Englanders who’ve suffered through many a chilly April, May, or June are still waiting for the hammer to fall, in the form of mosquitoes or droughts or the Great Flag Day Blizzard of 2012. The prospect of climate change only aggravates the anxieties. Yet this mildest of winters in Boston didn’t prove that global warming is accelerating any more than the bitterly cold temperatures gripping European countries this past winter mean that it’s slowing down.

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