A trivial pursuit no longer

Nerds are big business. That’s the key insight that has inspired many local bars to begin offering pub trivia nights, luring the Wilco demographic out of their sublets with games that test knowledge of history, geography, and pop culture. Traditional bar activities like darts and televised sports, it turns out, aren’t for everyone. Who among us doesn’t like to kick back sometimes and show off our knowledge of state capitals instead?

Enough establishments are hosting trivia nights that Boston has become the biggest trivia city in the nation, per capita, and a ferocious turf battle has erupted between two competing trivia question providers. Many bars in the area use Stump, a local company. But after building a virtual monopoly in Boston, Stump now faces competition from an aggressive outsider, Colorado-based Geeks Who Drink, which raised its profile recently by stealing away the city’s most notorious trivia host, the frenetic 29-year-old Will LaTulippe, a.k.a. Trivia Will.

The head of Stump seems somewhat astonished by the competition, but he ought to view it as a backhanded compliment. The trivia industry has helped lead its fans to the promised land, making the city’s bars hospitable to a new audience. Along the path nerds blaze, geeks are sure to follow.