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‘We Hate Paul Revere’: The sitcom is coming! The sitcom is coming!

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Fans of Paul Revere are spreading the alarm about a potential new television show with the provocative title “We Hate Paul Revere.” According to Deadline Hollywood, the network AMC is working on a comedy about “two brothers living in colonial Boston who are not fans of local industrialist and activist Paul Revere.”

“I hate this idea,” tweeted @PaulRevere1734, an account associated with the North End landmark Paul Revere House.

Given the idiosyncracies of television production, the show may never air. But if it does, Bostonians should keep an open mind. Colonial-era Boston was the birthplace of independence, but it doesn’t need to be kept behind glass like an antique. As it is now, the city then was a contentious environment full of bumptious characters. If Revere can be brought to life in a Twitter feed, putting his enemies in a sitcom isn’t much of a stretch.


If anything, the way colonial-era Bostonians like Revere and Samuel Adams are often flattened out into two-dimensional heroes in popular culture does history the greater disservice. “We Hate Paul Revere” might be great television, or it might be terrible. But if it breathes life into colonial Boston, what’s to hate about that?