Marathon daffodils: A bright yellow line


After the Boston Marathon bombings, an early sign of recovery came from runners and race organizers, who were determined to make sure the Marathon goes on next year, and bigger than ever. Now, another sign of local spirit has emerged: the Marathon Daffodils Project. A group of horticultural organizations plans to plant yellow daffodils along the entire 26-mile route from Hopkinton to Boston this fall, with the help of volunteers, so that the flowers will bloom next April when the Marathon takes place.

This is a worthy project: A line of bright yellow flowers along the Marathon route will make a profound statement about spring, rebirth, and civic pride, while also providing a meaningful reminder of the bombing victims. The $26,000 price tag could be met by a few large donors, but it might also be filled with small donations to an account at Cooperative Bank in Charlestown. The spirit of generosity that caused the One Fund to soar so quickly will likely be at work here, too, showing yet again how Massachusetts has emerged from the tragedy with a deep sense of unity and civic commitment.