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    East Boston deserves a veto of citywide casino vote

    All of Boston deserves a say on whether to accept a casino in East Boston — and the burden on city government it will bring. But, in an effort to confine the referendum just to East Boston, supporters of the casino plan have floated an unlikely scenario: What would happen, they ask, if Eastie voters rejected the casino, only to see the citywide electorate approve it? Would the neighborhood have a casino shoved down its throat?

    It’s a reasonable, if unlikely, concern. Nonetheless, the City Council, which is considering how to structure the casino vote this week, can allay those fears by adopting an amendment by Councilor Matt O’Malley that would give all voters a say on the casino, while preserving a veto for East Boston if the neighborhood votes no. Under O’Malley’s plan, the casino would have to win majority support in both East Boston and the whole city to move forward. O’Malley’s plan is a commonsense solution, and councilors should approve it.