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Key in Chinatown is for affordable housing to keep pace with market developments

The Asian Community Development Corporation appreciates the Sept. 7 article “Feeling the squeeze in Chinatown” (Page A1). This piece highlights the dilemma Chinatown residents face in light of luxury development, and affirms that Chinatown is no longer an ethnic ghetto while it still plays a critical role as a regional hub of services, culture, and jobs for the Chinese immigrant community.

The faces of Chinatown have changed and will continue to change. Building more affordable housing that keeps pace with market developments will preserve this neighborhood as one of opportunity for all. Without working families and local businesses, Chinatown will lose its authentic, vibrant core. This would be a loss for all Boston residents.

The Asian Community Development Corporation will build a third of the 416 affordable units referenced in the article. Our One Greenway development will provide 95 rentals affordable to low-income families and 50 homeownership units that will double the affordable opportunities for middle-income families.

In 26 years, we have created homes for more than 300 families, half of them being affordable. We have leveraged public and private funds to empower our community-driven affordable housing efforts and ensure that Chinatown remains a gateway for a diversity of people who want to call Boston home.


Janelle Chan
Executive director
B oston