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    letters | police target texting motorists

    By all means, crack down on drivers texting — and shaving, and reading, and snacking . . .

    It’s terrific that the State Police are having a better time catching and citing distracted motorists (“State Police hone ways to catch texting by drivers,” Page A1, Sept. 27). I have a solution for the Boston Police Department.

    I ride my bike into Boston almost every day. Perched behind, above, and to the right of cars, the bicycle gives a perfect vantage point to see what motorists are doing. In stopped traffic, at least a third of motorists are committing what might be citable offenses. Of course, most are looking at their phones, but I see people eating, putting on makeup, shaving, reading books, reading the newspaper (it was the Globe), and, just this past week, someone taking notes on a notepad from a book, pen in hand.

    In fairness, I’m all for the Boston police citing cyclists who run red lights and stop signs, but put a couple of officers on bicycles in stop-and-go traffic, have them watch what drivers are doing, and they could write tickets all day.

    Jeff Linder