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    Bill de Blasio: High school pols, take note

    Bill de Blasio smiles in a 1979 yearbook photo.
    Cambridge Rindge and Latin School yearbook
    Bill de Blasio smiles in a 1979 yearbook photo.

    At every high school, there’s that kid — the one who waxes passionate about causes near and far and acts as if destined for high public office. Sometimes, though, that kid really is going somewhere, and it just takes time for the rest of the world to get used to the idea. The Globe reported recently on Bill de Blasio, 52, who’s now the front-runner for New York mayor but in the 1970s was a well-known student activist at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.

    High schools often react to a budding pol like de Blasio with one part admiration and one part oh-no-not-him-again. His yearbook ribbed him as the “future president of the USA — the Untied Sneakers Association.” But the last laugh may be de Blasio’s. Even if he never become president of the actual USA, the mayorship of a city of 8 million people is in sight.