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    letters | government in shutdown

    Obamacare’s foes impose tyranny of minority

    Re “Tea Party lawmakers seek to deflect the blame” (Page A8, Oct. 2): Representative John Fleming, a Tea Party Republican from Louisiana, justifies his zeal in shutting down the government over Obamacare by saying, “This is what my constituents send me here for.”

    Let us deconstruct the inanity of Fleming’s statement.

    When the Affordable Care Act was passed by the Democratic-controlled House in 2009, Jackie Speier, Democrat of California, said, “This is what my constituents sent me here to do.”


    After passage by the Senate, the Affordable Care Act was signed by the president, ruled kosher by the Supreme Court, and implicitly approved last November, when voters defeated Mitt Romney, who pledged to repeal it.

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    This is called democracy, or rule by the majority.

    Fleming’s spoiled child act does not entitle him or his constituents to any legitimacy in seeking to rescind the law. If his constituents don’t like it, tough. They are outnumbered by many other constituents who expressed their views at the ballot box.

    I think the law is flawed, but not because, as right-wingers ludicrously claim, it is socialist. It props up the insurance industry, rejecting what polls consistently show most people prefer: a single payer plan.

    But it is still the law.


    Fleming and his constituents will fail in their odious attempts to nullify it, but not before wreaking havoc on the rest of us in a classic case of tyranny by a minority.

    Bryan L. Tucker

    Jamaica Plain