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letters | a car-free illusion?

Unrealistic to assume we can do away with parking spaces

RE “Don’t burden car-free residents with cost of new parking spots” (Editorial, Oct. 5): Boston already has “high end” areas of housing that were built without dedicated parking, areas that are close to downtown and ample public transit. They are Beacon Hill and the Back Bay.

If the Globe’s arguments were correct, the resident-only parking zones in these areas would be empty most of the time. A visit to these areas at any time on any day shows this is not the case.

Indeed, the six-figure
prices people are willing to pay for a parking space in these areas further belie the Globe’s arguments about garage parking.

Instead of basing arguments on unrealistic assumptions about what people will do, the Globe should examine what people actually do.

Wherever they are in Boston, people own cars, and if they live in a building without parking, they will find a space somewhere.


That somewhere is almost always in front of someone else’s house.

Michael Costello
Jamaica Plain