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Holyoke: Nasty attitudes on hot mikes

Even at the municipal level, politicians should know by now to be careful in front of microphones. But the lesson may not have reached Holyoke, where public-access cable viewers heard some enlightening unscripted commentary last week. In the minutes before a City Council meeting, councilors Daniel Bresnahan and Todd McGee, unaware that their mikes were live, rambled like a pair of shock-jocks, commenting on the looks of two pregnant women — including a nine-months-pregnant fellow councilor — and speaking caustically about a political blogger in the audience.

Both councilors have apologized, claiming that they were joking. The pregnant councilor, in a blog post, didn’t seem especially convinced. McGee is running unopposed next month for his seat, but voters will be able to weigh in on whether Bresnahan should be penalized — for unprofessionalism, a patronizing attitude toward women, or just a stunning lack of awareness of how the public might be listening.