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    Not all BPS mothers back John Connolly

    I was disappointed to see the Globe suggest that mayoral candidate John Connolly is the favorite of Boston public school mothers based only on anecdotes and the campaign’s own narrative (“BPS parents form a key constituency for Connolly,” Page A1, Oct. 6). I’m the mother of two children in Boston schools, one with autism, and I’m among many who are supporting Marty Walsh because of his more comprehensive and realistic education plan.

    As one example: Walsh has a plan for working with the teachers union to make an extended school day available where parents support it. By contrast, Connolly would mandate an extended school day everywhere, but offers no plan to work with an already alienated teaching force on this issue.

    I don’t want my young children in school for the length of a workday, and I want their wonderful teachers to have the time and energy to plan their lessons.


    Connolly has promised the stars to stressed-out parents and won media attention for it. Walsh has taken the time to listen and develop workable policy plans.

    Michelle Cannon