letters | as media options grow, partisan divide widens

Partisan divide is poisonous

I’d like to thank Michael Kranish for his excellent article on network TV news (“With more outlets, a more strident divide,” Page A1, Oct. 6). I agree fully with the story’s inside headline — “Media vitriol helps poison D.C. politics.” My friends in red states, however, would disagree, saying that the media is biased toward liberalism.

ABC, NBC, and CBS try to be neutral, and I think they are, but people in the red states feel that they too lean left. Meanwhile, talk-show commentators — especially on radio, even here in Boston, such as at WBZ radio — are always castigating the media as radically liberal and the Obama administration as communist. Wanting more government regulation or seeking to tax the wealthy does not make someone a communist.

This polarization is the reason for the gridlock in Washington and, perhaps, for the decline in our American civilization.

Jack Nusan Porter