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Gaming commission working to reinforce commitment to diversity

In the Oct. 13 edition, Fletcher Wiley urges Massachusetts to encourage minority equity investment in the casino licensing process (“The ‘wow factor‘ for casinos,” op-ed). I’d like to point out that one of the nine criteria we have singled out in the “wow factor” portion of the application form (Section One, Overview of Project) for casinos and slots is precisely the criterion he calls for:

“Diverse Workforce and Supplier Base:

“Describe your commitment to a diverse workforce and supplier base, and an inclusive approach to marketing, operations and training practices that will take advantage of the broad range of skills and experiences represented in our Commonwealth’s evolving demographic profile. Further, identify and discuss the diversity within the leadership and ownership of the applicant, if any.”

We are trying hard to reinforce the commitment the Legislature made to diversity and inclusion in the legislation, both in our own operations and in the casino licensing process. We are very much aware that this is easier said than done, but we will continue to work on it.


Stephen P. Crosby

Massachusetts Gaming