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    If Walsh gets blame for unions’ ills, he should get thanks for their virtues

    Before certain members of the press blame Marty Walsh for everything that is wrong with unions, we may want to consider an alternative view of the issue. Although I’m not a member of a union, my parents were, and they worked hard and lived paycheck to paycheck. My family was able to make it because my parents belonged to a union.

    Unions have been a part of our nation’s history. They have fought for better pay and safer working conditions for all people. Because of union activity, we have better health care, retirement benefits, and a higher standard of living.

    Unions have some of the best apprentice and job-training programs for minorities and women, and they protect children from harsh work environments. Teachers unions bargain for smaller class sizes, which benefit children.


    If you are going to attack Walsh over the downside of unions, then you have to take the time to thank him for the good things that unions have done for our communities.

    Timothy J. Burke