Pundit helped sow today’s bitterness

IN REGARD to the Chris Matthews column, “Yes, politics was once friendly,” I believe his memory has failed him (Op-ed, Oct. 18). Just because politics is nastier now — due in no small part to Matthews’s and MSNBC’s poisoning of the news atmosphere by attributing horrible characteristics to conservatives and the Tea Party movement (racism, low intelligence, etc.) — doesn’t change the fact that President Reagan was pilloried relentlessly by the opposing Democratic Party.

Reagan was demonized and ridiculed as a warmonger, lazy, and dumb (a recurring theme among the always-smug Democrats). If Matthews wants to believe that politics ended at 6 p.m., it ended only because the liberal lackeys of the press picked up the baton after 6. The politicization of the newsrooms has been going on for decades in Democratic favor as evidenced by the reporters who carry Democratic water now — Lawrence O’Donnell, Matthews, and Andrea Mitchell, to name a few.

Let him remember his way, and if he wants things as he remembers them, start with himself. I turned conservative under Reagan. I remember differently and correctly.

Michael F. Adams