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    letters | tragedy at Danvers High School

    Companies shove culture of violence down kids’ throats

    It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that teen violence is out of control when these kids are bombarded by violence in TV, movies, and, last but not least, video games. I have seen young people playing video games hour after hour, shooting, shooting, shooting, until they get tired. Am I the only one who thinks this is desensitizing these kids?

    When I was in school, there was never a thought of harming a teacher or fellow student. Today it is part of our everyday life. But I guess the love of money will win out every time, with corporations making millions upon millions of dollars shoving violence down our kids’ throats.

    To see a young, vibrant teacher killed in Danvers at such a young age is horrific, and I see no end in sight for this senseless violence.

    Susan Fiorello