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Downtown residents need green space too

RE “WORCESTER’S vision” by Paul McMorrow (Op-ed, Oct. 22): What Worcester really needs, and has little of, is beauty. Not only was the downtown mall a mistake, but how about a huge medical center taking up valuable downtown space? If the city wishes to attract residents to condos and apartments, it will have to devote space for the people living in them to be able to leave their buildings and walk outside to a beautiful green space — or white space, depending on the season — where they can walk, run, bike, skate, take the children, and generally get out of the concrete. They will need trees and flowers and a water feature or two.

If the city planners have visited places such as Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco, they know what I mean. People need a better reason to plant themselves into the middle of a city besides cafes and other places to spend money. They need a place of beauty to feed their souls.

Carol Panek-Clark