letters | The Fenway Park experience, baseball aside

‘Sweet Caroline’ has its rightful place at Fenway

Geoff Edgers (“But enough of ‘Sweet Caroline,’ ” Page A1, Oct. 23) needs to lighten up about the playing of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park. He should look around at the crowd when the time comes. Fans love it, and more than 35,000 of them are belting it out at the same time. Never happens anywhere else.

It’s not the content that counts. It’s the simple joy of being part of something bigger than yourself. I’ve been to 18 Major League stadiums, and Fenway stands apart — for its fans and the fact that it doesn’t need life-sized puppets of long-dead presidents racing around the park or kiss-cams. It’s Fenway, and it’s all about getting away from day-to-day stuff.

Edgers needs to drop the elitist attitude and enjoy a day at the old ballpark.

Dave Griffiths

Mechanic Falls, Maine