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A real rollercoaster ride for Boston sports fans

What a difference two weeks make in the life of Boston sports fans.

Two weeks ago, the sporting gods looked favorably upon us and provided two epic victories. That Sunday was one of the best days in Boston sports history. The Patriots and Tom Brady completed a miracle comeback victory against the New Orleans Saints, and then a little while later the Red Sox completed an almost as miraculous comeback victory against the Tigers.

Two exciting late rallies turned sure defeat into victory on the same day. Life was great.


And then the sport gods must have decided that Boston was too happy. Or were we too confident? Or arrogant? Was there something wrong with Boston always winning and in an unbelievable fashion? I didn’t think so, but I guess I was wrong.

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First, the Patriots lost on a rinky-dink penalty on just about the last play of the game. Then about a week later, the Red Sox lose on a wild call from an umpire on the last play.

Two unusual and mind-numbing calls changed the final outcome of the games. From a Sunday of great victories to a week of gut-wrenching losses. A complete reversal of fortune.

It’s never easy being a Boston sports fan, but this past week had to be one of the hardest.

A. Jackson