Praise for new system falls flat for those still waiting for unemployment benefits

It was interesting to read the letter from William C. Bacic, of Deloitte Services LLP, about the state Department of Unemployment Assistance’s wonderful online application system (“New claims system is a big upgrade,” Oct. 25). Unfortunately, my husband must be dealing with some other system.

He was laid off on Aug. 30, and the following week, he went online to apply for benefits. After several fruitless attempts, he decided to call on the day when he was permitted to call; however, the phone system was down.

Eventually, he had to give up and go to a department office to apply for benefits in person.


He is still waiting for his benefits, and little information is available online or by telephone to advise him when they will arrive.

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He called his state representative’s office, and several days later he received a call from the Department of Unemployment Assistance promising a prompt investigation. He is still waiting.

We long for the days of the old phone system (circa 2000), where one spoke to helpful, well-informed human beings.

We find this process frustrating and irritating, but at least we have savings to fall back on. What happens to people who have been living paycheck to paycheck?

In any event, we all deserve better.

Jacqueline L. Melick