letters | What we talk about when we talk about ‘Boston Strong’

For Sox, it’s not a slogan, but a tribute to a city and its citizens

I write in response to a letter by Tamara Whitman (“ ‘Boston Strong’ sorely misused as a sports team’s rallying cry,” Oct. 26). I feel she misinterprets the Red Sox’ use of the slogan “Boston Strong.” From day one, the Red Sox have shown support and respect for the victims, survivors, and first responders of the Boston Marathon bombings. They have a “Boston Strong 617” jersey hanging in their dugout, have made visits to victims, and honored many of them at several games since the April tragedy.

I do not feel the Red Sox use it as their general slogan and to pump themselves up. Instead, it is a tribute to those who were affected and to the city of Boston. I feel the message says: We haven’t forgotten you, we are here for you, and this is for you, Boston.

Gloria Walsh