letters | What we talk about when we talk about ‘Boston Strong’

It’s only a game — a city heals from many sources

After reading Kevin Cullen’s Oct. 25 Metro column “The Red Sox as America’s Team?” I got the impression that the rest of the country is envious of the success of the Boston sports teams. But I wonder whether some of that envy could best be described as resentment toward the smug self-satisfaction of the local sports teams and the media that cover them.

As someone who had lived most of her life in Massachusetts, I always looked forward to reading my online subscription to The Boston Globe. However, the recent fervor of some members of the Globe staff to view the daily trials and triumphs of the Red Sox as a metaphor for the city, region, and country — heck, even as the very essence of life itself — is just too far off base to this non-sports fan to take seriously.

I find that excessive sports coverage has often trampled other stories of local, regional, national, and international importance. After all, baseball is only a game, and life can be far more complicated than tallying up win and loss columns.


In his Oct. 27 op-ed column “Yes, we really are Boston Strong,” Tom Keane he goes so far to suggest that professional sports is so important to the population that it can heal a city. This is simply inconsiderate to the many people who don’t share his passion for sports, yet still care deeply about the region.

Bonita Robbins

Brandon, Vt.