If there’s a rise in racism, it’s not Obama’s fault

President Obama
Charles Dharapak/AP/File
President Obama

I must take issue with Jonelle DeFelice’s Oct. 18 letter “Obama a master of disharmony,” in which she blames President Obama for creating “more racism, more class envy, more of everything bad.”

With all due respect, I don’t see how a man of mixed heritage can be blamed for creating more racism, and I’m sure many others would agree.

What we’re seeing is more visible racism, more accepted racism, and more open disrespect of the office of the president. That isn’t Obama’s fault.


I believe that DeFelice, like many others, such as Donald Trump, the Tea Party, and the birthers, forgives narrowmindedness by putting the onus on the target of her dislike.

Beverly Mire