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It will take boldness to reform Boston schools

I want to applaud Michael Contompasis for concluding that he, and all of us, “should have been bolder” in pushing for sweeping, structural changes in the Boston public schools (“Reimagine, rather than patch, schools,” Op-ed, Nov. 2). As a former student of his at Boston Latin School, I can attest to Contompasis’ wisdom and commitment to public education. As a former Boston School Committee member, I can attest to how resistant the system is to change and to the fact that slow and steady does not win the race for school reform.

For too long, we have settled for taking small, incremental steps to try to improve schools in Boston, when only large, dramatic strides will produce the results that are needed. I hope that Boston’s new mayor, whoever he is, knows that that there are plenty of people like Contompasis and me who are ready and willing to offer our experience, ideas, and support to make those long-overdue changes so that all of our children, in all of our schools and all of our neighborhoods, finally get the education that they need and deserve.

Robert Guen

Jamaica Plain

The writer is cofounder of the Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School.