Instead of pandering to seniors, Warren should be working for budget solution

I have been a supporter of Elizabeth Warren since before her decision to run for Senate. I supported her financially, and we had a Warren sign on our lawn. But what she is doing with respect to Social Security reform is no better than what Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and the Tea Party have done with respect to their unwillingness to raise new revenues (“Obama, allies at odds on budget,” Page A1, Oct. 28).

Warren is pandering to the senior citizens lobby. Reforming entitlements is not only good for the country; it is good for the Democratic Party as well. People live many years longer now than they did when Social Security eligibility ages were set, and there is no logical reason that eligibility ages should not rise dramatically to reflect the rise in life expectancy.

The line items for discretionary spending that are battled over daily in Washington collectively amount to peanuts in comparison with entitlement spending. If the Democrats could finally get real about entitlement spending, and stop pandering, they could restore some breathing room to the federal budget for spending on the programs they care about most, without increasing the deficit.


Warren is smart enough to understand this.

Jordan Warshaw