City’s aim to end wage gap keeps Boston in graduates’ sights

As a female economics student at Harvard and a member of the National Student Advisory Council of the American Association of University Women, I’m thrilled that Boston is embarking on an initiative to eliminate the gender wage gap (“City aims to end wage gap,” Business, Oct. 31). When I graduate and decide on a city in which to begin my career, Boston will only augment its appeal with gender parity in pay.

It’s simple: equal work, equal pay. Even parenthood is a two-person job, and as a college student looking ahead, I would want my decision whether or not to have children to be unaffected by gender discrimination in the workplace.

Many classes here at Harvard have a 50-50 gender ratio; as our class and the classes behind us graduate, each graduate should be offered the same opportunities. If Boston manages to follow through, female students are more likely to stay, and only economic gain for everyone can result.


Well done, Mayor Menino.

YingYing Shang