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May Walsh take cue from Connolly on ed reform

Ardent John Connolly supporters like me can find reasons to be buoyed amid our disappointment over his loss to Martin Walsh in the Boston mayoral race.

We were fueled by a candidate who knew just how hard it is to fix our schools, and just how many of our schools need fixing. Many of our own children attend some of the truly broken ones. And we believed that for the first time in our city’s history, we had a chance to elect a mayor who would wake up every day feeling accountable first and foremost to the parents and students and teachers in Boston’s most struggling schools.

We hope that Walsh realizes that, even with all of the resources and muscle and political establishment in his corner, he nearly lost this election to a candidate who made education reform THE centerpiece of his campaign.


We hope that Walsh will feel the same sense of urgency and responsibility to move our schools forward as Connolly did.

Orin Gutlerner