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    letters | As millennials make their way

    Baby boomers have saddled their kids with the bill

    As I rode the train from the apartment I pay for to my full-time job on Monday morning, I was shocked to read Jennifer Graham’s column disparaging the millennial generation as a group of coddled layabouts enabled by indulgent parents (“A generation of idle trophy kids,” Op-ed, Nov. 4).

    Graham gives only a passing nod to the true role the baby boomer generation played in creating fewer opportunities for their progeny — the failed economic and regulatory policies that created the great recession and today’s stagnant economy.

    Millennials were taught that if we worked hard and got a good education, we could create lives of value. Now we’re strapped with student debt that rivals what our parents paid for their high-ceilinged homes. Costs are skyrocketing for everything from health care to groceries. Effective rents in Greater Boston average $1,772 per month. How is it a surprise to Graham that young adults who are fortunate enough to have parents who still own homes choose to live under Mom and Dad’s roof to make ends meet?


    Generation Y is just as motivated to succeed as the baby boomers. We just don’t want to mortgage the future of the next generation, like our elders did.

    Amy Derjue