letters | As millennials make their way

From tech to philanthropy, Generation Y shaping society

Re “A generation of idle trophy kids” (Op-ed, Nov. 4): Jennifer Graham should set aside her curmudgeonly thinking and recognize the power and potential of the most influential generation of our time.

Graham fails to point out the way millennials are already transforming our culture and society. They are shaping elections, technology, culture, and philanthropy. This is the generation that invented Facebook, raised awareness about education suppression in Pakistan, and changed the way we use and store energy. These are just a few examples of the “minimally employable crop” of kids, as Graham labels them.

As a millennial, I can’t help but wonder whether she is blind to all of the contributions my generation has already made. If this is what Graham considers lazy and self-involved, she should be on the lookout. We’re only getting started.

Amanda B. Narod

Alexandria, Va.